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Mission Statement Clarification

February 7, 2021 seeks to promote clinical trials among civilian participants who value the commitment that service members make in serving their country.  Some people are aware that there are particular risks directed to soldiers, sailors, guardians, airmen and airwomen, that are unique to their deployments.  Not all of these risks are known when service members deploy.  Unforeseeable deployment-related health impairments are not recognized until after their return.  More often than not, post-deployment studies on veterans reveal medical insights that later benefit civilians.

Many are not aware that ethical constraints prevent many military-related health investigations.  Service members are protected from coercion in this manner.  Therefore, some anticipated military-related medical questions are difficult to study.  By seeking to highlight specific clinical studies, which ask medical questions in the civilian world, yet benefit service members, hopes to improve the health of those who go in harm’s way.  This is an addition to the mission of that centered on establishing a disease-specific cerebral endothelial cell repository.   The goal of this organization now includes encouraging civilian participation in clinical trials that help our service members.  Posts hereafter will reflect this new mission.

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