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DARPA announces research program “ElectRx” as part of the BRAIN Initiative contribution to better Veterans’ post deployment health.

August 28, 2014

Envisioned are the development of computer chips that modulate the central nervous system in a closed loop manner to improve the mental and physical health of military personnel after deployment. ElectRx, pronounced as “electrics” refers to an electrical rather than a drug prescription.

The announcement can be found it the following link:

As quoted in the link above:  “…the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is announcing a new $78.9 million research program to develop minimally-invasive neurotechnologies that may help treat many diseases, including PTSD. In addition, the White House announced that this fall it will host the White House BRAIN conference, including a focus on PTSD and TBI.”

The DARPA announcement can be found in the next link that follows:

As stated by Doug Weber, DARPA program manager in the above link: “Instead of relying only on medication—we envision a closed-loop system that would work in concept like a tiny, intelligent pacemaker. It would continually assess conditions and provide stimulus patterns tailored to help maintain healthy organ function, helping patients get healthy and stay healthy using their body’s own systems.”  The website goes on to state that ElectRx seeks to create ultraminiaturized devices, approximately the same size as individual nerve fibers, which would require only minimally invasive insertion procedures such as injectable delivery through a needle. 

Cervoe seeks to support research that builds on known findings from transcranial direct current stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and electroacupuncture, all minimally invasive techniques that alter central nervous system function, to attain the same goals as ElectRx.

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